November 22, 2007

Best Femdom Value in the Universe

Volume 2, Issue 11


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  • Ice Queens
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A variety of beautiful Mistresses and many options for your viewing enjoyment make us the studio to beat when it comes to high value, high quality female domination oriented entertainment.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Lydia have a Feet Festival & a forced milking
Footboy suffers under two of our most attractive Dommes

 Mistress Autumn joined Mistress Lydia and the two put footboy through some intense humiliation. He suffered for them from a hogtied position and then they nestled his nose between the gorgeous ass cheeks of Mistress Autumn as Mistress Lydia practically tore his balls off making him strain for it.

Flat on his back they made him jerk off for their amusement and kept starting and stopping him until he was begging for release. Mistress Autumn did the honors and the skilled blonde Masterbatrix coaxed a huge orgasm from him right onto the bottom of Mistress Lydia's nylon covered feet.

 Footboy obligingly licked the bottom of Mistress Lydia's cum soaked feet and the Ladies had a good laugh. Mistress Autumn continued to jerk him off, which caused him much discomfort since his balls were drained. She has taken it apon Herself to do this of late in Her films and really enjoys the agony the guy goes through.

Their movie is running now at PantyhoseSupremacy and includes high resolution pictures - or available as clips you own forever at BestFemdomVideo.

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Mistress Ashley and Mistress Sidney are Ice Queens
Liitle submissive jack feels the pain with two new Mistresses

Oh the humiliation as little slave jack had his apron on and had not cleaned the dishes properly. Tall Mistress Ashley and petite Mistress Sidney lit into him and literally kicked his ass. Mistress Ashley shoved ice cubes in his asshole but, much to their amusement, they came flying out (as his ass has been so stretched from female abuse).

They kicked him downstairs and he licked the bottoms of their shoes and boots clean before having his cock nearly torn off by Mistress Ashley. This new Mistress truly enjoyed Herself as Her eyes sparkle and shine the more She punished jack.

Mistress Ashley strapped on and completely drilled little jack over the horse as Her partner sat in front and made him clean Her boots. New girls and some new laughs at jack's expense. At the end, MIstress Ashley abruptly shoved the huge black dildo into him, bringing him (and the shoot) to a screaming halt.

Click Here for free high resolution pictures (or click on MIstress Ashley & Mistress Sidney's picture above)

Playing now at Mistress Jennifer and available as Clips at BestFemdomVideo

New Movies since last Newsletter
Over 220 Femdom movies - 40+ Mistresses - The very best value in video on the Net

New Movies Since Last Newsletter

  • Maid To Order (Mistress Paris & Mistress Lydia- 77 minutes- available as DVD)
  • As Hard As It Gets (Mistress Autumn & Mistress Monique- 41 minutes)
  • Snowball (Mistress Alix & Mistress Lydia - 40 minutes)
  • Feet Festival (Mistress Autumn & Mistress Lydia - 40 minutes)
  • Face Juice ((Mistress Nicole & Mistress Lydia - 65 minutes - available as DVD)
  • Ice Queens (Mistress Ashley & Mistress Sidney - 46 minutes)
  • Marked Meat (Mistress Jaded & Mistress Noel- 82 minutes - available as DVD)

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Producer's Corner
Steve's updates, info and rants

Smoking hot November concludes and happy Thanksgiving to everyone. A very busy shooting month - Mistress London shot two scenes a couple days ago with some scorching fuck and suck tease and denial on two totally helpless males. Drained both with Her pussy and fed them the condom loads. The second male, a new submissive, had a second monster load sucked out and snowballed into his mouth. He fought it but was bound in plastic and held between Her muscular thiggs.

Mistress Paris debuted a few days ago. She worked with Mistress Lydia on little jack. At one point they flushed his face in the toilet and then Mistress Lydia fucked him with Her strap-on as Mistress Paris held his head in the bowl. This movie, 'Maid to Order', is going up today at BestFemdomVideo and is in the ClipsStores.

I swear by our DRM system at (unless you are on Macintosh). Very few problems with customers over the years but some of you guys still are shy of DRM. The system is fully guaranteed by yours truly but if you must have non-DRM clips (that are a bit more expensive), our newest clip store is here:

 New Mistress Samira in on December 1st and I have a huge backlog of content to start editing.
If anyone is interested in custom film, custom orders (DVD format for all video) or has comments, questions or suggestions, please write to me at Webmaster.

Thanks to everyone for your support.


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